GW Marine announces the commencement of a new service, Chase Vessel Coordinators, within the offshore explorations work activities.

Effective immediately GW Marine can support your seismic exploration activities by providing dedicated Chase Vessel Coordinators (CVC). All our CVC personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of the CVC duties.

This new role is managed by a dedicated CVC manager who will oversee all CVC operations and provide direct support to both the client and offshore personnel. This role will include ensuring all aspects are managed, from the initial planning, through the socialization process with the local stakeholders, data gathering, area scouting (if required), vessel inspections (for suitability), monitoring the onboard CVC, preparing all necessary reporting requirements and monitoring the Chase vessel activities and movements.

The onboard CVC’s key duties will include:

  • Monitoring and reporting of HSE activities onboard the Chase Vessel
  • Training chase vessel crew in FAD and log retrieval
  • Prepare a scouting plan and liaising with the party chief and chief nav on the seismic vessel
  • Monitoring and ensuring crew watch keeping for FAD and fishing activity to ensure continuous acquisition of the seismic vessel and zero down time due to fishing hazards
  • Supervise FAD tagging and retrieval operations (all work deck operations)
  • Responsible for logging and reporting any FAD’s found on survey area. Log includes position, depth, time, characteristics of the FAD, owner’s markings and contact details. Photograph always taken.
  • Socializing with any fishing vessel in the prospect, giving fliers and information of the survey
  • In constant communication with the seismic party manager and navigation department, alerting them if fishing vessels with nets deployed are creating a hazard
  • On 24hr call by the crew if they encounter fishing vessels with nets deployed
  • Port call planning for chase vessels resupply
  • Keeping a daily activity time-line for end of survey final report
  • Supervising port calls and making sure the vessels depart on time back to sea.

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