Companies operating or contracting in the oil & gas sector are mandated to maintain first class safety systems and procedures which meet global industry standards and incorporate up to date local legislation in the country of operations.

GW Marine Consultants have earned an outstanding reputation as a leader in the field of systems development and control mechanisms for all HSE related activities and situations. We design and implement systems in the following areas;

Company Management Systems

GW Marine Consultants will develop a Management system suited to the size of your business and specific to the risk profile of your operations. Each system is constructed with the ability to grow in complexity and cover multiple disciplines such as OHS, Environment, Quality, Security and Finance to cover just a few. Each management system is fully customised to the client’s requirements and can be developed from existing written and/or verbal processes or designed from the ground up.

Standards and Regulations

All Management Systems are developed or adapted  from existing data to comply with industry standards and regulations based on the clients operational scope of work. Systems GW Marine Consultants currently have under development are being constructed to the ISM Code and various ISO standards.

Document Maintenance and Specific Situation Document Development

All Management Systems are designed to be live and interactive with processes being constantly updated, tweaked and new procedures and guidelines being introduced. During this process our clients engage GW Marine Consultants to write new documents or update existing data.  Should  the client require specialised support for technical procedures or the development of project specific documents  GW Marine Consultants have the skilled professionals available.

Management System Implementation and Training

Upon completion and client approval of the new or redeveloped Management System GW Marine Consultants hands over the system for implementation. However some clients prefer to engage GW Marine Consultants to assist with the complete implementation and training of their new Management System across their entire organisation.


From the multi-national corporation to the sole trader our experienced team can structure a fully functional Management System to the latest international standards whilst ensuring compliance and inclusion of all our clients’ company policies.


GW Marine Consultants encourages a hands on approach from our client’s senior management to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the business to enable us to deliver the best possible product.


Project Support takes many forms and can be required at any stage of an operational project. GW Marine Consultants offers a diverse range of project support services to our clients to ensure that their project stays on schedule and on budget.

Some of the support services that we offer are;

  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Client Specific HSE Training & Workshop Facilitation
  • HazID Facilitation
  • GAP Analysis
  • Site Specific Documentation
  • Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Environmental Approvals
  • Environmental Plans
  • Bridging Documentation

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Project Support services offer our clients independent help in specialist areas or provide functions generally not resident within their company. This delivers our clients management with vital data to solve an immediate problem or to assist in achieving a designated plan of action.


GW Marine Consultants are a global leader in the supply of experienced field personnel across multiple disciplines and work scopes for the oil and gas industry. With many years industry experience in their respective areas, our highly qualified specialists uphold the highest industry standards to achieve best practice outcomes. With our consultants located across the globe and across the many fields of experience within the oil and gas industry we have the right people available at the right time.

The below is a sample of some key positions that we have experienced and qualified consultants engaged in for both long and short term assignments;

  • Seismic Data Acquisition QC’s – Marine and Land
  • Navigation QC’s
  • Survey QC’s
  • HSE QC’s – Marine and Land
  • Geophysical & Geotechnical QC’s
  • Technical QC’s
  • Chase Vessel Coordinators
  • Environmental Specialists
  • MMO/MFO’s, PAM Operators
  • OHS Advisors
  • Auditors
  • Security
  • Medics
  • Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing by Certified Collection Officer
  • Seismic Crew

All GW Marine Consultants field personnel hold current medical certificates to UKOOA/UKOG standard or equivalent and possess OPITO accredited offshore training certification including HUET. If the position you are looking to fill isn’t listed above please contact our offices directly as we have many other skilled professionals available to undertake almost any role you need filled.

GW Marine Consultants Alliance Partnership with SPS Oilfield Services

Through our partnership with SPS Oilfield Services we are able to provide you with Hydrographic Survey, ROV, Well Geology, Construction, Drilling, Marine Manpower and Inspection personnel across all aspects of oil field activities including Construction, Seismic, Geotechnical, Geophysical, Metrology, and Rig Moves.


Over many years, GW Marine Consultants have developed significant expertise in managing client projects in all geographical regions and continents where the oil and gas industry is active.

Our experienced personnel have, in most cases, excellent general local knowledge and contacts and understand the operational requirements needed to reach a successful outcome. Acting as the project interface, the designated Project Manager will be experienced in the local marketplace from both a regulatory and practical perspective.

We are experienced in both land and marine environments and are adept at bringing all the elements of the project together in the most cost and time effective manner.

Whilst specializing in the seismic area, GW Marine Consultants have retained personnel with many years of project management experience across a number of disciplines including;

  • Marine Seismic Surveys
  • Land Seismic Surveys
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Geotechnical Projects
  • Field Development
  • Dry-docking
  • Environmental Projects

Our Project Management personnel are fully involved and experienced in all aspects of the project from conception to fulfilment and liaise with management on a continual basis to ensure project objectives are achieved as planned.


Auditing across multiple disciplines is one of the foundation elements of the GW Marine Consultants growth story since the inception of the business.

All audits are conducted to recognized international standards and our experienced personnel are certified lead auditors.

Detailed reports are produced to facilitate continuous improvement of systems and procedures and to aid the close-out process. GW Marine Consultants offer a range of audit types across multiple disciplines and include the following:

Company Management System Audits

Given the ever changing nature in the regulatory environment and the severe penalties that can be incurred for non-compliance, GW Marine Consultants are increasingly being engaged to perform Safety Management System audits. These vital audits review the entire Safety Management System from policy compliance through to the conformity with operational procedures. It can then be determined if the system is complete and functioning as detailed in the company’s policy manual and associated documents. Any incomplete, non-functional or out of date areas are detailed in the audit report and recommendations made to bring the system into compliance.

Site-specific/Operational Auditing

This is a detailed review of the site’s operating systems and equipment and how efficiently these systems are being implemented and utilized. The audit will determine areas which may need improvement or overhaul. These audits can be equipment or systems based or a combination of both. Sites can be vessels, facilities, or designated crew locations.

Third-party Auditing

Given the size and complexity of many projects, these audits are commissioned to determine if the sub-contractor is meeting the operators HSE expectations. The audit reviews the sub-contractors systems to identify any deficiencies from our client’s HSE requirements or the contract in place. Any findings are recorded and a close-out program put into place prior to commencement of operational activities.

Quality Audits

Quality is a major factor for ensuring the company is working to the highest possible standard. Quality audits are generally undertaken at the client’s instigation to ensure that their systems and personnel are operating as efficiently as possible and to a designated standard. This gives our clients senior management peace of mind that the systems are working and highlights areas for improvement.

Audit Tracking Services

GW Marine Consultants can offer a comprehensive audit tracking/close-out service for clients upon request.

Forensic HSE Auditing

Many companies operational functionality can sometimes be at risk due to increased complexity of their Safety Management Systems, leading to potential compliance issues or an inability to meet project pre-qualification requirements. GW Marine Consultants are experts in reviewing aspects of the management system in fine detail and recommending the most effective course of action to bring your system back to prime condition.

Where a system failure has been identified during an incident investigation, GW Marine Consultants can use forensic HSE auditing techniques to pinpoint the area of concern and rectify using the corrective actions process.


All aspects of marine consulting and vessel auditing are undertaken by GW Marine Consultants.

With a wealth of experienced Master Mariners and Chief Engineers, GW Marine Consultants are able to provide our clients with experienced professionals to facilitate marine project operations in the following areas;

Vessel Auditing

  • OCIMF OVID Audits
  • IMCA CMID Audits
  • ISM Audits
  • Navigational Audits
  • IMO and ILO Audits

Health, Safety & Environmental Services

  • Accident, Incident and Loss Investigations
  • HSE Advisors – Field and/or Office
  • Risk Assessments
  • HazID Workshop Facilitator
  • Awareness Training

Deficiency Tracking & Monitoring

HSE Auditing

  • Management Systems
  • Vessel Specific

Warranty Surveys

On / Off Hire Surveys

Vessel Appraisals and/or Suitability Inspections

ISPS Assessments & Plans

Management System Development

Procedure & Project Document Development

Project Management

Docking Supervision

Competency Assessments

Detailed information on some of these services can be found below, for further specifics please contact us.

Vessel Audits – IMCA (CMID) and OVID (OCIMF)

GW Marine Consultants specialize and are fully accredited to perform vessel audits to both IMCA and OVID specifications. These audits are recognized globally as the industry standard and are performed to determine HSE system adequacy and ‘fit for purpose’ status of vessels working in the offshore oil & gas sector. GW Marine Consultants have certified vessel inspectors in most regions of the globe which reduces travel time to the vessel under audit.

On/Off Hire Vessel Audits

These inspections will determine the status of the vessel prior to and/or after the completion of contracts. They detail the physical condition of the vessel and all consumables onboard. This allows the company to make accurate assessments of the financial implications of the ‘On or Off Hire’ status.

Audit Tracking Services

GW Marine Consultants can offer a comprehensive audit tracking/close-out service for clients upon request.

Marine ISPS Code

GW Marine has fully qualified Company and Ship Security Officers who can assess your security requirements and develop the required Risk Assessments and Security Plans in accordance with the ISPS Code requirements.

Pre-audit Inspections

GW Marine offers a pre-audit inspection process which ensures your office and/or vessel(s) are ready for any 3rd Party audit. The pre-audit inspection process is aligned to the auditing requirements of the company and can include “pre OVID” audits.

Vessel Specific Documentation for Management Systems

GW Marine has fully qualified and experiences Mariners who can assist your company in building vessel specific work procedures / instructions to meet the requirements of the company Management System.

Vessel Documentation for Specific Operations – ie. Tow Plans

Utilising our experienced Mariners, we can assist you in developing complex vessel operational plans for specific tasks. Our Mariners have a wide range of experience across all aspects of offshore operations.

Specific Situation Marine Consulting

If you need a specialist Marine Consultant, GW Marine can proved you with experienced marine personnel to assist and manage your marine project. These projects may include vessel fit-outs, marine installation inspections, load-outs, etc.


All aspects of Dynamic Positioning (DP) Consulting are undertaken by GW Marine Consultants.

Our DP Operations are headed by Mark Pointon, who has access to a large database of experienced DP Operators / Personnel & Consultants globally.



Mark is a Master Mariner and has extensive knowledge of Dynamic Positioning that encompasses: Operations, Administration, Consultancy, Training, Competency Development, Competency Assessment and Auditing.


  • Provide DP expertise to clients / vessel operators
  • Provide DP Vessel Assurance services
  • Carry out DP Operational audits
  • Carry out DP incident investigation, identify root causes and produce report
  • Develop DP procedures & associated documentation
  • Carry out & report on DP suitability for all types of DP vessel / Operations
  • Undertake Vessel DP capability studies


  • Capability to develop and deliver a full scope of training from Awareness / Familiarisation through to Advanced level across all disciplines
  • Develop and deliver bespoke DP Competence Development programmes
  • Develop and deliver training programmes to assist onboard trainers to reach International Industry standards and act as onboard trainers / assessors


  • Develop and deliver bespoke DP Verification of Competence assessment programmes
  • Carry out verification of crew DP competence*
  • Provide assessment of crew Manual manoeuvring capability*

*Access to Nautical Institute  / DNV GL Accredited Assessment Centre for Simulator training / Assessment and Certification


GW Marine Consultants, an industry leader in the provision of HSE & quality resources to the oil & gas industry, has expanded the business to incorporate GWM Consultants, a dynamic group of OHS professionals whose primary goal is to be our client’s Partner in all Health and Safety related requirements. Specialising in tailoring affordable solutions for the Small / Medium Business market in Australia.

At GWM Consultants we offer a range of tailored and affordable solutions for our client’s health and safety requirements, including:

  • Health and Safety Management System Development
  • Risk Profiling, Hazard and Risk Assessments
  • Development of Safety Manuals and Procedures



  • Supply of HSE Management & Advisors on an “as required” basis to support your operations
  • Auditing – Internal and External
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Assistance with preparation for ISO Certification, tenders and pre-qualifications
  • Workplace / Site Inspections
  • Awareness Training
  • Incident Investigations
  • OHS Compliance
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Environmental Programs
  • Record Keeping and HSE Statistical Compilation
  • Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Field Support – Toolbox Talks, Safety Meetings

Full details can be found at